2pac or Biggie ?

Tupac Amaru Shakur and Christopher Gorge Latore Wallace better known by their  stage names 2pac and the  Notorious B.I.G respectively, are arguably two of the greatest rappers in the history of the genre. They were the leading protagonist in the famous East -coast, West -Coast rivalry which had a gory ending. Two decades on since they left us , we still ignore the elephant in the room as to who was the better rapper.

Born Lesane Parish Crooks but later renamed Tupac after a Peruvian revolutionary.Tupac was born on the 16th of June in East Harlem New York in 1971 to Afeni Shakur and Billy Garland. Both parents were members of the Black Panthers party who’s main aim was to empower suppressed black Americans. This understandably gave Tupac a sense of belonging in the black community. Besides being a rapper Tupac was talented in many departments of the theater including

  • Acting 
  • Poetry 

Shakurs appearance in the movie Juice is what many consider he’s break out role in the industry. Tupac’s music is said to speak to the soul as the gangster rapper does show that he has more of a heart than most believe under that THUG LIFE  tattoo. Songs going against Racism, sexual oppression and just being a mama’s boy to name few are all a feather in Tupac’s cap, namely 

  • Changes 
  • Keep ya head up 
  • Dear mama

And then 2pac had another dimension to he’s game by bringing up songs about how women love him,gang war and the amount of money he possessed. To mention a few 

  • Gangster party 
  • Ambition as a riddah
  • I get around 

Clearly Shakur knew how to mix it up but many pundits claim that he’s music is too raw and unpolished which made it unpopular to many. Despite this criticism , 2pac still went on to sell over 75 million records. 

Tupac’s life was however cut short at the premature age of 25 in a drive by shooting when a white  cadillac took aim took aim at the rapper.This event occurred in Las Vegas after attending a Mike Tyson fight, Tupac was pronounced deceased on the 13th of September 1996, 6 days after the shooting. To date, noone has officially been held liable for the homicide of the rapper. 

Christopher Gorge Latore Wallace, better known by he’s stage name the Notorious B.I.G, was raised in Brooklyn, New York, born to Volleta Wallace on the 21st of May 1972. At a young age he’s mother would refer to him as “Chrissy Poo”. Christopher Wallace was a devout Catholic and would never be allowed to be out on the Brooklyn stress  without the watchful eye of he’s mother Volleta. 

By the age of 12 Christopher Wallace was dealing drugs with he’s long time friend,D roc. D rock describes that him and Biggie were like “factory workers “The two were moving too fast and Biggie slipped up, he went to jail for dealing cocaine.The period behind bars turned out be a blessing for the Notorious B.I.G as this is when he’s rap skills reached a high level of saturation.On he’s release from jail Biggie took he’s rapping very seriously and hooked up with Sean “P Diddy” Combs.

Unlike 2pac, Biggie was more one dimensional and most of he’s music was just about the typical gangster rap. However, it is undisputed that the Notorious B.I.G has the best tracks in the history of the genre. To name a few 

  • Juicy 
  • Ten cracking commandments 
  • Hypnotize 
  • Big poppa 

And considering that Biggies albums after he’s death, Life after Death and Born again both went double platinum , it’s impossible to call Biggie second to anyone.

Final verdict 

Honestly, there’s no better rapper. Both rappers had an edge on each other in certain departments. If you’re feeling low and need words to uplift your soul, then Tupac is the man for you. If it’s a party atmosphere with and what you need is to listen the most inventive lyrics since the inception of rap, look no further than the Notorious B.I.G.